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Gifts of the Spirit Prayer Card Borders - Printed

Gifts of the Spirit Prayer Card Borders - Printed

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Celebrate Pentecost or Confirmation with these prayer card borders for the 7 Gifts of the Spirit.

This set includes 8 blank prayer cards printed on 3" x 4", 38 pt cardstock with red sides and back. That's enough for the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, plus one extra in case you make a mistake (it happens!). Store these sturdy cards out of sunlight and use archive ink pens to preserve them for many years to come. 

Fine artist Joan Bratt created this design as part of our Gifts of the Spirit - Personal Retreat (Confirmation). Printable letter-sized version of these cards are included for download in the retreat, or as Prayer Card Borders B&W - Download. These printed cards are included in the Pentecost Prayer Table Set.

Other materials to help you prepare for the feast of Pentecost:

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