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Joan Bratt Artwork

This joyful style highlights the beautiful details of life.

Each scripture-inspired work is infused with Joan's own faith and prayers for your spiritual growth. 

This collection will be updated seasonally with new greeting cards, prints, coloring pages, bookmarks, and memory cards. We are planning artwork for the following themes for 2021-2022:

  • "Jesus is the Light of the World" Luminous Mysteries for Lent/Easter: PRE-ORDER NOW!
  • "Christ is Risen, Indeed" Glorious Mysteries for Pentecost/Summer 2021
  • "The LORD is my Shepherd" Parables for Fall/Ordinary Time 2021
  • "Behold!" Joyful Mysteries for Advent/Christmas 2021
  • "Into Your Hands" Sorrowful Mysteries for Lent/Easter 2022

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