"Behold!" Family Prayer Materials for Advent now available. Questions? Contact Meagen at learn@mustseed.org

Mustard Seed Family Prayer

Create a peaceful environment for listening to the Word of God with children -- at home!

While parents have always been the primary teachers for their children, 2020 required that we find new ways to support families praying at home with children.

In Advent 2020, we introduced our first seasonal Family Prayer Set -- "O Come, Emmanuel" -- based on Messianic Prophecies. This first set was so popular, we will be introducing new sets every season. Our 2021 theme is "Meditate on the Mysteries."

The Mustard Seed Family Prayer collection is designed to support Christian families sharing your faith and traditions with the next generation. Our small artisan team is praying for you while we make these materials to help you keep the Word of the Lord in your mouth and on your mind. 

We gladly take requests for custom materials. Please contact Meagen at 216.973.4977 or learn@mustseed.org