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16 Piece Mini-Mass Set

16 Piece Mini-Mass Set

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This Mustard Seed Mini-Mass Set is a great way to encourage children at home to remember that Jesus is present with us in the gift of bread and wine.

Great gift for 1st Holy Communion preparation!

Use with (sold separately): 

A team of catechists gave their input to develop this Mustard Seed Mini-Mass Set that includes:

  • 2 wooden people: one adult (Priest), one child (server)
  • 2 albs & 2 cinctures for wooden people
  • 4 micro-chasubles for Priest in liturgical colors
  • Mini white altar cloth (10"x5")
  • 2 wooden spools (candlesticks)
  • 1 wooden book (Missal or prayer book)
  • 1 miniature chalice
  • 1 miniature paten

Finishing suggestions: 

  • Use paint, stain, or permanent marker to finish the Missal and candlesticks
  • Children can create additional items using clay, napkins, or found objects: corporal, purificator, tabernacle, cruets, stole, sanctuary lamp, etc.
  • Encourage children to decorate the area using flowers, prayer cards, and artwork

The vessels we use in Mass are precious, durable, and lovingly crafted. Children can practice prayers of the Mass using miniature materials that we carefully choose or create for them.

Disposable materials do not send the same message. There are many lovely wooden or metal sets available that are fairly expensive ($75+). We attempted to find a middle ground, using durable but affordable materials so each family could have their own set at home.

DISCLAIMER: Contains small pieces; not intended for use with children under three years old.

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