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FREE Download: Reviewer for Confirmation Home Retreat

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We need your feedback to design home retreat materials with guidance for families to prepare for Confirmation at home.

Whether you are learning in person, hybrid, or completely at home, we are looking to support families to practice and prepare for the sacraments at home.

The Confirmation Home Retreat will focus on helping Confirmandi discern their personal connections, devotions, and ministries to make group-based Confirmation even more meaningful. We are looking for feedback on adapting activities for various ages of preparation (Elementary/Renewed Order, Teen, and Adult):

  • Selecting a sponsor
  • Finding a daily devotional practice
  • Learning about your patron Saint (Confirmation name)
  • Making a Holy Hour based on the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Renewing a love for the Sacraments of Reconciliation & Holy Communion
  • Ministries after Confirmation

In return for your feedback, we will send you one set of free samples or prototypes to review. After we send you materials, please email or fill out a digital form to share your thoughts.

We will use your comments to develop guidance for parents to use with a collection of materials. We may also revise or make new materials to serve families based on your input. You have no obligation to make a purchase beyond the samples.

Click "add to cart" and complete the checkout process to apply for an introductory 20 minute phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss what guidance and materials your families could use at home. Afterwards we will mail you samples, and then send a digital form to collect your feedback.

If there is a lot of demand, we may select a limited number of participants. If you are affiliated with a church or school, please list the organization in your customer information. Thank you for your ministry of praying with children!

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Did you know that Mustard Seed Training was originally formed to support adult faith formation? 

We are especially passionate about formation that prepares parents to support their child's spiritual growth. We aim to promote biblically-based (and research-based!) parenting strategies. Meagen Farrell transitioned to religious education after a career as a national teacher trainer in adult basic education.

Here are a few examples of ways our team has helped fellow catechists and parents so far:

  • Launched Mustard Seed Family Prayer Sets in Advent 2020
  • Gave First Communion Retreat baskets to parents at our local parish in Spring 2020
  • Created original materials by catechists for catechists such as empty tomb, scripture citation bookmarks, and parable figures