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Free Download: Gifts of the Spirit Stationery (Confirmation)

Free Download: Gifts of the Spirit Stationery (Confirmation)

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Anyone can enjoy a FREE sample of our Confirmation stationery from the downloadable Gifts of the Spirit Personal Retreat.

Confirmation preparation often involves writing a letter to a sponsor, your bishop, or writing about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Elevate your letter with this stationery inspired by Isaiah 11:1-3.

Confirmation connects us in fellowship with other Catholics in a new and special way. In the years after Pentecost, one important way that early Christians stayed in fellowship was sending letters. We still read many of them today in the New Testament.

Bishops still write to Catholics in their diocese, called pastoral letters.

When the Pope writes to a specific group, it is called an Apostolic Letter.

This retreat includes stationery for you to write a fellowship letter. The letters “JMJ” at the top of the page stand for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. These letters remind us to offer them our words and pray for their guidance. 

The full retreat includes guidance for parents to support their Confirmand through writing fellowship letters. Use this stationery to write a letter of encouragement to someone yearning for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your ministry of praying with children!

Artist: Joan Bratt

Photo credit: Pentecost icon, Flickr user Ted


Did you know that Mustard Seed Training was originally formed to support adult faith formation? 

We are especially passionate about formation that prepares parents to support their child's spiritual growth. We aim to promote biblically-based (and research-based!) parenting strategies. Meagen Farrell transitioned to religious education after a career as a national teacher trainer in adult basic education.

Here are a few examples of ways our team has helped fellow catechists and parents so far:

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