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REVISED Land of Israel Pin Maps - Set of 3

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Set of 3 pin maps with pre-drilled holes and pencil outline of the Land of Israel in Christ's time.

WARNING: Pins are in a different location than product photo! REVISED as of June 2019 to CGS USA specifications for Level II Materials Manual. Thank you to all who contributed to this revision.

FLAGS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Holes are pre drilled to accept Nienhuis pin flags.

Set includes:

3 maps made of 1/2" thick Baltic Birch Plywood 11" x 17"

Map 1 - 8 Mountains, 4 Water and 1 Desert - 13 holes

Map 2 - Cities - 15 holes

Map 3 - Regions - 4 holes

This product was previously offered by Atrium Woodworks, and revised by Mustard Seed Training. View the entire collection.