Collection: Home Prayer Essentials

This collection of essentials for home prayer was requested by a parent and home catechist with children from 4 - 12 years old. Some of these items overlap with CGS levels 1, 2 & 3 and some are modified or original materials specifically for home use. Please check the description if you are only looking for official CGS materials.

Mothering Spirit also has a really great article about developing a home atrium.

 A few notes on purchasing/finding/making materials:*

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Start with the prayer table:


      Baptism: You may have many of these items at home from your own kids:

        2D parable figures are a high priority for ages 3-9. There is a selection below, but also this is a great opportunity for older children to make materials for young ones.

          3D figures are recommended for Last Supper, Infancy Narratives, and Empty Tomb

          Dioramas: We offer a multi-use diorama with removable backdrops which you can paint or decoupage.

            Maxims & Summary of the Law: Recommend using the Level 3 set with 17 tablets, which includes all the maxims used in level 2.

            Materials for all ages from 3-12: There may be more, but these are highlights: