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CGS USA Vendor Member

We are honored to support your ministry of praying with children. Mustard Seed Training is a small group of home-based Christian artisans in Northeast Ohio. We prayed for you while making these materials for children and families.

Mustard Seed Training has been approved by The United States Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to partner as a vendor member.

All CGS materials are supplied unfinished allowing the catechist to finish them in accordance with the CGS Method. In addition, our artisans commit to the following:

  • Use furniture-grade plywood
  • Use 3/8" wood with joints instead of 1/4" for sturdier dioramas
  • Keep popular materials in stock for faster shipping (for example our 2D & 3D figures)
  • Ship unassembled when possible to save you on postage
  • Produce made-to-order items within 6 weeks when not in stock
  • Choose eco-friendly shipping and printing supplies

We hope the materials available here will assist you in completing your CGS atrium! It is an honor to serve your ministry.

For customer service questions, please contact or +1 330-282-6691. Feel free to contact Meagen Farrell at or 216.973.4977 for bulk items for retreats or materials making workshops. Learn more about our artisans, and how to contact them about custom orders.

 Mustard Seed Training Vendor member 2022-2023

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