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La Fettuccia Symbols & Cardstock (History of the Kingdom of God)

La Fettuccia Symbols & Cardstock (History of the Kingdom of God)

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“There has always been a plan in God’s mind, one leading all persons and all creation to fullness." 

-Sofia Cavalletti, The History of the Kingdom of God

In CGS level II, the History of the Kingdom shows how God has worked from the beginning in Creation, through the Redemption, to bring about the Parousia: the time when "God will be all in all."

These unfinished symbols aid the catechist to introduce La Fettuccia work (which means "the ribbon" in Italian) for the 6-9 year old child.

Four wooden tablets are 1/8" baltic birch plywood with 1/4" stands.

3 wooden arrows are 1/8" plywood with 1/2" plywood for stands.

Wooden materials ship unassembled for the catechist to glue BEFORE painting.

Five blank text strips 24" L x 2" W made of durable tag board: tan, blue, and white. Strips be shipped folded into 8" long sections.

Part of our Atrium Woodworks Collection.

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