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Folding Liturgical Cloth - Set of 5 - Montessori Practical Life

Folding Liturgical Cloth - Set of 5 - Montessori Practical Life

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Introduce how to neatly fold liturgical cloths.

This variation on the Montessori practical life activity helps children prepare for fuller participation in the worship life of your congregation. They will be able to more neatly fold altar table cloths, napkins, cards, letters, and purificators.

Download our FREE liturgical folding lesson.

Children also unconsciously absorb shapes and their relationships in a way that prepares them for division, fractions, geometry and more!

This set of five 10"x10" cloths are sewn with a contrasting color. The lines guide children to fold:

  1. Halves: one line creates two equal rectangles
  2. Fourths: two lines create four equal squares
  3. Thirds: two lines create three equal rectangles
  4. Sixths: three lines create six equal rectangles
  5. Anything: blank square to practice without lines

These easy-to-clean folding cloths are part of our Mustard Seed Sewing collection. You can request a different size, fabric or color for this set by contacting Ann Marie Darby at

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