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Just the Gate

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"The sheep hear his voice, as he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out."

The sheepfold is used with 2D figures of the sheep and shepherd to illustrate the parable of the Good Shepherd (John 10).

We try to keep 15" x 3/8" sheepfolds in stock, ready to ship within 1 week. This pre-made gate is already included in the sheepfold with gate (made to order).

Only purchase this gate separately if you intend to drill the hole(s) yourself. Assembly instructions included.

Just the Gate includes:

  • Pre-made gate with two dowels and two slats already screwed on
  • Screw and washer to attach gate to sheepfold
  • Four wooden circles to glue to the bottom of sheepfold
  • Printed assembly instructions

To assemble just the gate:

  • Use 3/8" forstner bit to create a hole on the top and the sheepfold where you want the gate. Do NOT cut all the way through the wood.
  • Use 11/64" drill bit to drill a hole all the way through the sheepfold, in the middle of the previous hole.
  • Remove the screw and washer from the bottom of the longer gate post.
  • Flip over sheepfold. Insert longer gate post into hole on top. Hold in place & screw in the washer and screw. Do NOT screw all the way or the gate will not turn.
  • Glue four circles equidistant on the bottom of the sheepfold.

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