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FREE Download: REVISED 8 Black & White Messianic Prophecies Memory Cards

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Memory cards can help keep God’s Word in our mouths and on our minds.

For matching cards, print the page twice, then cut out images.

Messianic prophecies help us learn about the Messiah, the one chosen to bring lasting peace to God’s people. To bring peace in our homes and our world, we should listen to these verses about how to live in the Messiah’s kingdom.

This set of eight images about Messianic prophecies can be printed for personal or educational use only.

You can also purchase a pre-printed set:

As you flip and match these image cards with little ones, you can read the related verses together. The printable also provides discussion and writing activities with older children. 

This black & white printable features artwork by Joan Bratt.

Thanks to the Darby & Polak families for testing items for the photos.