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Christmas Postcards - The Great Light - Isaiah 9:1

Christmas Postcards - The Great Light - Isaiah 9:1

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Save on postage while adding your own personal touch to these scriptural Christmas postcards.

Your religious 5"x7" Christmas postcard is ready for your personal touch, and a more affordable postcard stamp! Enjoy a peaceful Nativity scene depicting Mary and Jesus lovingly gazing on their newborn son among the animals. This unique reflection on the familiar scene is surrounded by Joan Bratt's signature nature-inspired illuminated borders.

An excerpt from Isaiah 9:1 is written on the front in hand-lettered calligraphy: "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light..."

Please order early as shipping times will slow down during the peak holiday season.

Joan Bratt created this devotional Christmas card for the 2021 season. Recipients can also purchase it as a lovely printed prayer card for years to come.

The 2020 Christmas card is available while supplies last. 

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This scripture-inspired artwork is part of our Messianic Prophecies series. Messianic prophecies help us learn about the Messiah, the one chosen to bring lasting peace to God’s people. To bring peace in our homes and our world, we should listen to verses about how to live in the Messiah’s kingdom.

Additional options with this scripture-inspired Messianic Prophecies artwork:

Artwork by Joan Bratt; see the full collection here.

Printed by Jakprints of Cleveland, Ohio.

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