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Lectionary/Missal Book - Large

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Young children imitate reading scripture aloud with this miniature lectionary.

This unpainted pine wood book is used to learn articles of the Mass in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Even before they can read, this work helps young children learn the dignity of standing at the lectern or ambo and reading the Word of God aloud. 

This unpainted wooden book can also be used for the Missal, Book of Common Prayer, etc. Note that pine wood will have imperfections that you will paint over. The knotted books can be covered with felt or fabric, as in the Rome atrium.

Photo of finished lectionary provided for your reference.

Large is 4.5" Long x 3.25" Wide x 1.5" thick
Some of the pine wood books have stamps that can be covered with paint, or large knots that can be sanded or covered with wood putty.


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