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Free Download: Simplified San Damiano Coloring Page

Free Download: Simplified San Damiano Coloring Page

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"Go repair my Church."

This was the vision and message St Francis received while praying before the San Damiano crucifix.

You and the children in your care can also have a powerful encounter with the Risen Christ. Like Francis and Clare of Assisi experienced, sacred art can renew our love for God and compassion for neighbor.

Enjoy this free coloring page as a companion to our popular versions of the San Damiano Mini-Crucifix, used for child-friendly prayer tables, or as a decoration in your home, atrium, or classroom:

This free coloring sheet was inspired by:

More details:

This cross is a special reminder for Franciscans of their mission on Earth, and is frequently used in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd as artwork in the atrium environment or whenever the presentations call for a crucifix.

One of the things that makes this image so powerful is that it visually captures multiple scriptural moments while demonstrating their unity as the story of God's love and our salvation. The details are very engaging, especially in larger sizes.

Catechist Meagen Farrell created this simplified coloring page of the San Damiano cross for contemplation in the Easter season. She found it worked best with colored pencils for children in CGS levels 2-3 along with a larger version of the cross for reference. This modified coloring page retains the following elements:

  • Top: Jesus ascending, welcomed by the heavenly host
  • Crossbar: four angels and a saint at the Empty Tomb
  • Left side: St. John, Mary, Mother of God, and a Roman soldier at the crucifixion
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