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FREE Consult for Custom Family Prayer Sets

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Looking to design sets of material with guidance for families to practice their faith at home, or in a unique setting?

Whether your children are learning in person, hybrid, or completely at home, we can help!

Our specialty is making your idea into reality.

Sets can be designed for families, teachers, or administrators.

Let's schedule a 20 minute phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss what sensory materials and faith formation you could be providing for folks at home. If our artisan team can't provide what you need, we will refer you to someone who can!

Did you know that Mustard Seed Training was originally formed to support adult faith formation? We are especially passionate about preparing parents to support their child's spiritual growth... while improving math and reading skills at the same time! Meagen Farrell transitioned to religious education after a career as a national teacher trainer in adult basic education.

Some ways our team have helped so far:

  • First Communion Retreat baskets for parents to lead at home
  • Mini-Mass sets for individual kids at an in-person group
  • Build a set of materials to fit in a USPS Flat Rate Box to take as airplane luggage
  • Design outdoors Bible study for middle schoolers
  • Create original materials by catechists for catechists: empty tomb, scripture citation bookmarks, and parable figures