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"O Come, Emmanuel" Online Course

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Create a prayerful environment with children at home.

Learn how to use materials designed to support a child's spiritual growth, and transform parenting into a joyful ministry.

Join us for one season, or subscribe to access a new course every 3 months. Themes for 2020-2021:

  • "O Come, Emmanuel" for Advent/Christmas-launches November 2020
  • "Christ is Risen, Indeed" for Lent/Easter
  • "Jesus is the Light of the World" for Pentecost/Summer
  • "The LORD is my Shepherd" for Fall/Ordinary Time

While only 100 physical sets will be made each season, anyone can join us online to learn HOW to create a prayerful environment for this season at home.

Our video-based online course provide detailed guidance on feeding your child's spiritual needs at home. Includes:

  • Video-based guidance to prepare your home, heart & mind for the Messiah
  • Pattern for prayer table cloth
  • Printable prayer card borders and memory game
  • Instructions to make a rustic candle holder (or other seasonal material)
  • PDF of the seasonal booklet: "O Come, Emmanuel" for Advent/Christmas

Short lessons include practical help. Most importantly, you will gain scriptural guidance on revealing God's Word to children.

We will continue to pray for you while you learn how to:

  • "Be still and know that I am God"... with children!!
  • Welcome the Messiah into your home
  • Create a child-friendly prayer space
  • Support children through the light and darkness of life
  • Make prayer cards with seasonal scripture verses
  • Play memory games to absorb key scriptures