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Blank Booklets (Level 2)

Blank Booklets (Level 2)

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These blank booklets are ready for your personal touch to turn them into lovely hand-written scripture booklets. These level 2 booklets include the level 1 booklets, which can be repeated in the level 2 atrium.

Use this set with our original scripture booklets cabinet.

Each booklet set comes with a printed line template, a paperclip that won't scratch, plus a name badge label for your front page title.

Booklets are blank, but a photo of a completed booklet is provided for your reference. Center for Children and Theology offers a list of "Bible Citations for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd."

  • Size: 4.25" wide x 5.5" tall
  • Two staples on binding
  • 65# card stock cover
  • Inside pages of 20# white paper
  • Used in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for Parables, Paschal Mystery, and Infancy Narratives, and Miracle stories

The level 2 set contains all level 1 booklets & additional level 2 booklets.

You have several options for level 1. The first option is to purchase the full set of booklets corresponding to the scripture charts & cabinet in Rome:

  • Sixteen blank blue booklets (parables)
  • Eight blank white booklets (infancy narratives)
  • Ten blank red booklets (paschal narratives)
  • Eleven blank green booklets (miracles)

See the CGS USA materials manual for details on finishing these booklets. Most materials are available at large craft stores, and we encourage you to SHOP LOCAL.

The second option is just the booklets for the presentations:

  • Sixteen blank blue booklets (parables)
  • Six blank white booklets (infancy narratives)
  • Two blank red booklets (Empty Tomb & Last Supper)

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  • Check out our blog post on how to learn calligraphy (or fancy writing).
  • On scrap paper, plan out which verse(s) to write on which page before you start writing.
  • Only write on the right side page of your open booklet. Seeing text on one page at a time helps children who are learning to read.
  • Maps, drawings, and scripture citations can be added on the left (back) side of the next page.
  • Paperclip a black line template behind your page so you write in straight lines.
  • Blank booklets can also be used for parents or older children to write their own Bible verses to take home.
  • Use the same Bible translation that your children will hear in worship (Catholic: New American Bible Revised Edition, Episcopal: New Revised Standard Version, etc).


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