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Biblical Scented Oils: Balm of Gilead Blend (Balsam & Cedarwood)

Biblical Scented Oils: Balm of Gilead Blend (Balsam & Cedarwood)

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Experience scents inspired by the "balm of Gilead" with these essential oil blends and balms made by South Elm Farm.

This essential oil blend contains Balsam, Cedarwood, Cypress and Spearmint. The oils and salve are properly diluted and ready for immediate use.

Precious oils such as Balsam and Cedarwood are mentioned in the Bible for covering wounds, anointing, and sacrifice or burial. Use them any time in your home as a reminder of the Balm of Gilead (Jeremiah 8:22)!

They are great sensory tools for catechesis and inspire lively discussion. Use during Advent to discuss Messianic prophecy. Smell during Lent and Easter to reflect on sacrifice and burial (and the Resurrection!). Share when discerning vocation and ministry as Balsam was used in the anointing oil for temple priests (Exodus 25:6). 

There are three variations:

    • Essential Oil Blend in a 5ml roller - mixed with carrier oil and ready-to-use
    • Essential Oil Blend in 5ml dropper -mixed with carrier oil and ready-to-use for aromatherapy, bath and body crafting, candle or salve making
    • Salve 1oz - Essential Oil Blend mixed with carrier oil and beeswax for skin

For first use or use in catechetical presentations: smell first, ask about allergies, and use oil blends or salve on a small area of skin to test.

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DISCLAIMERS: These products are home-produced in small batches. Not for medical use. Not for topical use if you have allergies to any of the ingredients. Essential oils must be diluted with carrier oils before use on skin. Not an official CGSUSA material.

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