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LIMITED SUPPLY - St Patrick Coloring Packet

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Teach children about the Patron Saint of Ireland with this lovely coloring packet. For an excellent children's book on St Patrick, see Tomie dePaola's "Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland".*

This coloring packet is on sale with limited supply left. Once it's gone, it's gone!

Your packet includes:

  • Green two-pocket folder,
  • Laminated cover photo of St Patrick's stained glass window (taken at St Joseph Church, Ashtabula, Ohio),
  • 20 copies of the coloring page, plus
  • Final copy marked as "MASTER--For Copies. Do Not Color!"

We recommend using this packet along with shamrocks as a symbol of the Trinity.

This coloring packet is a Mustard Seed Training original. This is not an official CGS material.

The Saint Series teaches children:

Saints are people who love God.

Anyone can be a saint.

God calls us to love each other.

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