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Atrium Materials Gift Card

Atrium Materials Gift Card

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Give the gift of prayer!

YOU can make a difference for families, catechists, and congregations, while also supporting faith-based artisans & their families, mostly located in rural Ashtabula County, Ohio.

You can donate in one of two ways:

1. GIFT: Set the Shipping Address for the individual or congregation you would like to receive your gift. We will send them a unique discount code for the amount of your gift card.

2. DONATE: Use your own Shipping Address and we will pair you with a individual catechist or congregation who has applied for Atrium Materials Assistance. The recipient will be given a unique discount code for the amount of your donation.

Please comment during check out if you would prefer to remain anonymous. Otherwise we will ask the recipient(s) to mail you a "Thank you" card.

Gift cards can be used for any materials sold by Mustard Seed Training at the time of purchase.

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