Collection: Mysteries of the Rosary

May you experience the love of the Good Shepherd by meditating on the Mysteries of the Rosary!

During the 2020 pandemic lockdown, I offered Zoom meetings for children from our parish to listen to God’s Word and create an art response. After reading the Bible, most of the children wanted to take turns holding up their artwork to the screen and describing what they had made. This spontaneous form of sharing became the routine for our Zoom meetings.

This experience of joyful connection sustained us through sorrow. It inspired my desire to create materials for families to pray at home. In collaboration with local fine artist Joan Bratt, I began developing Family Prayer Sets that parents like me could use for home prayer.

We created a series of Family Prayer Sets using themes from the Mysteries of the Rosary. Our fellow catechists and parents requested to purchase parts of the sets separately, and they continue to be popular for home or group use.

Your purchase supports this ministry. We also offer a collection of Free Downloads for anyone to enjoy. 

We hope you also experience the peace of Christ through prayer, which transcends all understanding.

Your sister in Christ, Meagen Farrell

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