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Our beloved Saint Nicholas was born on the Mediterranean Sea in what is now Turkey. People around the world hear legends about the generosity of St Nicholas, but many have never heard his true story or seen his real face. This coloring page by artist Chloe Becker helps us remember that Nicholas followed Christ's example as a loving, generous child. The printable (without watermark) contains more information about the Saint and directions for an activity for ages 3+.

Nicholas grew up to become a priest, then bishop of Myra, which is why we think of him wearing a tall red hat! He was supposedly very young when he was ordained, which is why some people still celebrate him as the "boy bishop." We remember him today for hiding coins or food in children's shoes or stockings left out to dry overnight. 

This fun activity uses three socks, some coins (real or candy!), and storytelling to help all ages practice the spirit of generosity.

Bishop Nicholas of Myra is truly a Saint for all times and people. 

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Artist's statement: “I wanted to portray him as a young boy as there was a story that he became a bishop as a boy; whether or not that's true (we'll never know), I like the idea of representing him at a younger age compared to the many depictions of him with a white beard. I think it will be powerful for children to see a saint that looks the same age as them, so that they can relate to him more and know that they can be saints too! I have him standing in the sea as he is the patron saint of the sea/there were many miracles he did regarding the sea. Further, though, I wanted the sea to show his devotion to his people through fasting, prayer, giving up all of his belongings, and unbelievable generosity. He was a religious leader who denied all forms of luxury to truly lead his people. The phrase ‘May our justice run deeper than the sea’ states this idea more clearly, as his deep care for the poor and marginalized shows his desire for justice for his people and the world. This is also why he is in the sea (which will be dark and almost murky to show that sacrifice), standing below the city of Myra behind him. He is not standing high on a pedestal, but ‘beneath’ everyone he serves (like how Jesus led).”