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Pentecost Prayer Table Set
Pentecost Prayer Table Set
Pentecost Prayer Table Set
Pentecost Prayer Table Set

Pentecost Prayer Table Set

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Celebrate the feast of Pentecost with our artisan-crafted prayer table set.

This collection makes a great gift for a home altar or group prayer table. Choose from unfinished oak or painted red. You can also purchase individual items separately:

The two-piece oak candleholder has seven 2" holes to fit glass holders for votive or tealight candles. Easily assemble your candleholder for Pentecost with 7 red candles. The candleholder and prayer card holder pieces can be stacked for storage. 

Each oak prayer card holder stands ~3" L x 1.25" W x 1" H with an angled slot that can hold cardstock up to 5"x7". Wickline Customs designed and makes our candleholders and prayer card holders.

The Pentecost prayer table cloth is large 48" x 36" red brocade cloth: dry clean only! Please note this is sized for a large prayer table or a small altar. Made by Mustard Seed Sewing.

The set of Gifts of the Spirit printed prayer card borders includes 8 blank prayer cards printed on 3" x 4", 38 pt. cardstock with red sides and back. That's enough for the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11:1-3), plus one extra. Designed by fine artist Joan Bratt and printed by Great Lakes Printing.

    Additional items to help you prepare for Pentecost: