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Prayer Card Borders B&W - Set of Five

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Your children will be absorbed coloring prints of these lovely designs by artist Joan Bratt, inspired by Messianic Prophecies, Luminous Mysteries, and Glorious Mysteries.

We are adding new sets each season.

Messianic prophecies help us learn about the Messiah, the one chosen to bring lasting peace to God’s people. To bring peace in our homes and our world, we should listen to these verses from Isaiah, Micah, and Numbers about how to live in the Messiah’s kingdom.

Jesus is the Light of the World - Luminous Mysteries focus on the ministry and message of Jesus. These five colorful prayer cards bring each teaching moment to life for all ages, and especially young children.

He is Risen, Indeed! - Glorious Mysteries start with the Resurrection of Jesus. We remember that Jesus promised to prepare a place for us in heaven, and to stay with us through the Holy Spirit. His mother Mary reminds us to hope and trust in the LORD.

"The LORD is My Shepherd" - Kingdom Parables Set helps children meditate on parables of Jesus about the presence of God.

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        Artwork by Joan Bratt (from Austinburg, Ohio); see the full collection here.

        Printing by Great Lakes Printing of Jefferson, Ohio.