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Pre-Order: REVISED Large Empty Tomb (Made to Order)

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Share the wonder of the Resurrection with the children in your life. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for production of this made-to-order item before shipping (6 weeks for large orders).

Our REVISED wooden Empty Tomb diorama is thinner and lighter than the one featured in the photos. You can pre-order this now and we will add photos when we make the first batch.

The REVISED Empty Tomb is an original design by retired materials-maker Ken Woods; no plaster required. This is not to the official CGS USA Materials Manual standards. Materials are shipped unfinished.

The Empty Tomb has two hinges, stands 8" tall x 11" long x 2" wide.

The Tomb comes with a wooden "stone" circle 2" diameter and 1/4" thick. If desired, you can replace this with a flat stone up to 1/2" thick (look for a good skipping stone).

Catechists will need the following to finish this material: