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My Own Prayer Book Level 2 Card-stock

My Own Prayer Book Level 2 Card-stock

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Ages 6-9 is typically the preparation time to receive 1st Holy Communion. In Catechesis of the Good Shepherd level 2, this includes a chance for 1st Communicants to create their own age-appropriate Holy Eucharist Prayer Book.

These set of blank half-sheets of card stock includes just what a child needs according to the Level 2 Materials Manual for Episcopal Congregations plus one extra (because we all make mistakes).

Set of one includes:

  • 4 green + 1 extra
  • 2 yellow + 1 extra
  • 10 orange + 2 extra
  • 6 gray + 1 extra

Set of five includes:

  • 20 green + 4 extra
  • 10 yellow + 2 extra
  • 50 orange + 10 extra
  • 30 gray + 5 extra

This product is especially designed for Episcopalian/Anglican home school families and other small atria who may not have the enrollment or funds to buy this high-quality card stock in bulk. Let us save you time and money on shopping so you can spend more time contemplating the gift of Jesus in the Bread and Wine with this hands-on work.


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