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Mystery of Faith Cardstock

Mystery of Faith Cardstock

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"The Mystery of Faith..."

These words are said or sung in unison during the Eucharistic Prayer. This simple three-part prayer summarizes our Faith in Christ: past, present, and future.

In CGS Level 2, catechists use orange to represent the Eucharistic Prayer. This can be used for both Roman Catholic and Episcopal celebrations.

We bought orange cardstock and tag board in bulk for our atrium because we could not buy it locally. We are happy to share these blank supplies with other catechists to complete with your prayer, artwork, and handwriting.

Set includes:

  • Three 8"x11" sheets of orange cardstock
  • Three 8"x2" strips of orange tag board
  • One 24" x 2" strip of orange tag board
  • Coming soon: 8.5" x 5.5" blank orange booklet

Long 24" strip will be folded into thirds for shipping (and is usually stored that way in the atrium).

For finishing tips, see the blog post "How to Learn Calligraphy (or Fancy Writing)."

Part of our Atrium Woodworks Collection.

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