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3-in-1 Candleholder for Advent, Lent & Pentecost (4 Pieces)

3-in-1 Candleholder for Advent, Lent & Pentecost (4 Pieces)

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Simplify your prayer table with one candleholder for multiple seasons!

The unfinished oak candleholder comes with 4 moving parts that you can wax, stain, or paint. Artisan Curtis Wickline can also finish your set in an Early American stain. This design is a Mustard Seed Training original.

The unfinished candleholder is included in the full prayer table set.

The 4 candleholder parts can be stacked for storage at ~15" L x 4" W x 1.5" H. Easily assemble your candleholder for:

  • Advent: 4 Candles
  • Lenten Cross: 6 Candles
  • Pentecost: 7 Candles

Holes are drilled for 2" glass holders for votive or tealight candles. Glass holders with 12 candle set can be added from September to May. Candle sets can be used for multiple seasons using the following colors:

  • Pentecost: 7 Red
  • Advent: 4 Purple OR 3 Purple & 1 Pink
  • Lent: 4 Purple, 1 Pink & 1 Red

Oak prayer card holders are sold separately. They are made of matching oak and ship unfinished or finished with an Early American stain.

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