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Vestments of the Priest

Vestments of the Priest

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3-6 year old children learn vestments with this miniature set.

Can be used in your Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium, home, or school.

The set will fit an 18" doll form, which you can find on Amazon.

Base set of vestments includes:

  • White alb
  • Rope cincture

For the full set, you have the option of one green chasuble & stole, or chasubles & stoles in four liturgical colors. Chasubles made from 21"x11" cotton cloth (10.5" folded):

  • Purple for preparation
  • White for celebration
  • Green for Ordinary Time
  • Red for Pentecost

Want a fifth color (blue or rose)? Additional made-to-order items available:

Amice and other styles of vestments available upon request, please contact us at for pricing. 

Sets are made by Ann Marie Darby as part of our Mustard Seed Sewing collection. We try to keep this set in stock, but if not please allow 4-6 weeks for production before shipping.

Mustard Seed Sewing

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