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Synagogue: Origin of the Liturgy of the Word - Large 3D Figures

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"[The Lord] has sent me to bring good news to the afflicted,
    to bind up the brokenhearted..." -Isaiah 61:1a (NABRE)

These figures are for use in the Origin of the Liturgy of the Word presentation, to be painted as attendees at the Synagogue in the time of Jesus.

One figure should be painted as Jesus and one as Mary. These 3D figures represent the continuity and similarities between Jewish reading of Torah & Prophecy scrolls in the Synagogue and the Christian reading of the Bible in the Liturgy of the Word.

These 13 Large 3D figures are the same size as the sets we provide for the Empty Tomb, Last Supper (Cenacle) and Infancy Narratives:

  • Male figure 3 9/16" tall x 1 1/8" diameter
  • Female figure 3 1/2" Tall x 1 1/8" diameter

You have two options for your set of 13 Synagogue figures:

  • 7 male and 6 female figures (including Jesus and Mary)
  • 11 male and 2 female figures (including Jesus and Mary)

This product is a variation from the CGS USA Materials Manual for Level III, intended for use with 9-12 year-old children. Browse the entire CGS Level III collection.