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Small Worry Doll Wreath

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Dress up any nook, wall, or window with our 8" Worry Doll Wreath! Smaller than our 14" Mayan Doll Wreath, this petite gem is sure to brighten up any room.

Great accent for your CGS atrium near the International Eucharistic Presence or the Historical Timeline in levels 2 and 3, to introduce traditional Mayan culture which still enriches our world today.

Each wreath contains up to 18 figures dressed in traditional Guatemalan garb, all mounted on a red fabric-over-wire background. Many hold common household items or flowers. Every wreath is lovingly handmade, so each is unique!

What a great gift...and no need to wait for the holidays to display it! This is a Fair Trade item.

  • 8" H x 8" W
  • 100% Cotton fabrics
  • 100% Nylon doll faces
  • Wooden accents
  • Wire hook for hanging

Handmade in Guatemala by talented artisans, this Fair Trade item makes a thoughtful gift. Your purchase supports the families of UPAVIM Women's Cooperative, including their Montessori school, artisan center, leadership development, and other community development projects. See the full UPAVIM Crafts collection available through Mustard Seed Training.