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Felt Strips in Liturgical Colors

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Teach the liturgical colors to children with these reminders of the season.

These affordable pieces are designed to be used by families at home.

This material helps families bring home lessons about how we worship, by following liturgical seasons. This reinforces what children may learn in school, faith formation, on retreat, etc.

Cloth materials are made by Ann Marie Darby as part of our Mustard Seed Sewing collection. We try to keep this item in stock, but if not please allow 4-6 weeks for production before shipping.

Standard set includes four colors of 2" x 8" felt:

  • Purple for preparation
  • White for celebration
  • Green for Ordinary Time
  • Red for Pentecost

Made-to-order options can include additional colors such as: blue, black, rose, orange, yellow, or gold. Please mail learn@mustseed.org to discuss your options, and comment with the additional colors you would like during check out.

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