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3 Cities Pin Map Base

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Where did Jesus walk?

Photos of finished pin map included for your reference; map and tray not included. Booklets and labels are shipped blank.

This is a flat, affordable version of the raised surface map of the Three Cities work. The cork board base & pins would be suitable for:

  • model/key beside the raised map in your level 1 atrium
  • adaptation for home use
  • repetition with variation in your level 2 atrium

To help your pins stand up: use thin or short strips of the cardstock for labels, and push the labels closer to the bottom of the pin.

The items for these unfinished pin map bases were assembled by a catechist for use with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1. This is not an official CGS USA material.

The unfinished base includes the following items:

  • Half sheet of 65# cardstock for labels (color may vary)
  • Three yellow-tipped quilting pins (stuck in a cork for safety)
  • Hinged tinplate box (3.75" x 2.45" x 0.8") to hold finished pins
  • 3/8" wooden or cork base for pins (size and shape may vary from photo based on availability)
  • 8.5" x 11" white foam board as map base

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