Formation Leaders

We want to help you support the growth of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd!

Faith Formation Leaders or Regional Organizations affiliated with CGS USA may order bulk atrium materials on behalf of catechists for a 15% discount.


1. Contact Meagen Howe at or call/text at 216.973.4977.
2. Submit orders (with payment) 4-6 months before expected delivery date to ensure timely completion.
3. Bulk order will be shipped to one location to save on costs.

    Now comes the best part!

    Catechists in your course or event receive DIY materials ready to be completed by hand and shared with children.



    You will receive one bulk order form to submit to us, and and individual forms to submit to catechists. You can distribute print order forms, or we can help you set up a Google Form. If you want to mix & match to give your catechists a choice, please collect the paper order forms and type them into a digital form on their behalf.


    Locations within 3 hours of Jefferson, Ohio receive free, onsite delivery! (In other words, I would like to come visit you in person)


    If you plan to devote some of your formation time to materials making, please plan to submit your order 4-6 months ahead!

    We can split up the order by product based on the dates needed. For example maybe catechists will want the DIY Card Stock Kit to make materials towards the beginning, but the Sacristy Cabinet towards the end of the course.

    We greatly value your feedback on our materials! We can make bulk orders to your specifications.

    Finally, we greatly depend on your prayers!

    Know that we pray for you, your catechists, and most especially the beloved children who will be working with these materials.

    Please contact Meagen Howe at or call/text 216.973.4977 to discuss your bulk order.