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Just the Figure Bases

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Our figure bases are all 1/4" tall and 1" wide with rounded top edges.

We sell 2D figures that are 1/8" wide. They are sturdy and fit tightly into our standard base which has a 1/8" wide slot.

This service is for CGS catechists who have cut your own 2D figures, but do not have access to the tools to make bases.

***IMPORTANT: Glue figures to the bases first before painting, or they may not fit!***

Please note that our bases are not guaranteed to tightly fit your figures. Wood sometimes has a mind of it's own! As such, we cannot accept returns on this custom product.

But if you have trouble fitting your self-cut figures into the bases the first time, keep trying! Here are some tips to try:

  • If the figure is loose in the slot, add wood putty to fill in the gap
  • If the figure is just slightly too big, use coarse sandpaper in the slot to widen the opening
  • If the figure won't slide all the way in, it may have uneven thickness. Try sanding down the sides of your figures.
  • Wait a few days leaving the bases & figures in the same room. Wood will shrink or swell in response to humidity and temperature. Just like people, sometimes wood needs time to adjust to a new environment.