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Prayer Table Set: Liturgical Cloths, Candles & Holder, Prayer Card & Holders

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Get essentials for your prayer table that last all year.

Our artisan-crafted prayer table set contains the essentials to mark all the liturgical seasons of the year, and only ships from September to May (to avoid wax melting).

When we are not shipping candles, individual items can be purchased separately:

The 4 candleholder pieces can be stacked for storage at ~15" L x 4" W x 1.5" H. Easily assemble your candleholder for:

  • Advent: 4 Purple OR 3 Purple & 1 Pink Candles
  • Lenten Cross: 6 Candles
  • Pentecost: 7 Candles

Holes are drilled for 2" glass holders for votive or tealight candles. Glass holders with 12 candle set can be added from September to May. Candle sets can be used for multiple seasons using the following colors:

  • Pentecost: 7 Red
  • Advent: 4 Purple OR 3 Purple & 1 Pink
  • Lent: 4 Purple, 1 Pink & 1 Red

Each oak prayer card holder stands ~3" L x 1.25" W x 1" H with an angled slot that can hold cardstock up to 5"x7". Easily use your set of 7 prayer card holders for:

  • Advent: 4 weekly cards or 5 prophecies
  • Lent: 6 weekly cards
  • Pentecost: 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • 7 sacraments
  • 5 mysteries of the Rosary
  • Synthesis of the infancy narratives
  • Synthesis of the kingdom parables
  • And much more!

Complete your prayer table with downloadable sets of prayer cards by Joan Bratt.