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What to Buy at Aldi in January for Working with Kids

Posted by Meagen Farrell on

Living in a poor, rural community, I often take advantage of Aldi's weekly seasonal specials. This January's low price items include a lot of must-have items for working with kids. I have purchased all of these from one place or another.

Bonus for adults at the end of the list!

  • 3 level rolling cart
  • 8.5"x11" laminator and pouches
  • Reusable serving trays or appetizer plates to sort projects
  • Baking mats to contain messy work spaces
  • Collapsible shelves to increase usable space
  • Trampoline with handle (I can't say enough about this one! Essential in our house!)
  • Neutral colored holiday tins (on sale after holidays)

And most importantly for adults working with kids...

  • Fair trade, organic coffee in K Cups, grounds, or whole beans!

You just can't beat Aldi prices, so stock up on Wednesdays when those weekly specials come in.


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