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Miniature Habit - Grey

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Children can learn more about women's religious communities with this miniature habit made for an 18" doll (such as one of these from Amazon).

For young children, the work of dressing the doll in a habit is a good starting place for conversations about charism, religious community, and vocation. All children can learn from this material about the gift of women's religious communities.

This solid grey color was chosen to generically represent a religious habit, rather than match one particular order. Shades of grey habits are worn by several religious orders, including the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, Daughters of Wisdom, and Sisters of the Precious Blood.

Made as part of our Mustard Seed Sewing collection from the "It's a Habit 18" Doll Clothes Pattern" at Pixie FaireIf you would like to request custom colors for a particular religious order, or any custom sewn material, please contact Ann Marie Darby at