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March 2021 Family Prayer Challenge

Let's pray our way through 2021!

Our goal is to reach at least 50 families with Mustard Seed Family Prayer Sets by March 31, 2021.


Will you join our community of families committed to praying with your children at home?

When we meditate on scripture, we are never alone!

Mustard Seed Family Prayer Sets are designed to help you to water the smallest seed of prayer. Be faithful with your practice, and watch this seed to grow into a fruitful tree!

Look to the wisdom of the scriptural Rosary for a simple method of prayer that can bring peace to your heart and home. For 800 years, Christians have prayed the Rosary to remember the heart of the Gospel message. Each Family Prayer Set highlights five scripture verses ("Mysteries") inspired by the Rosary with activities that help children focus their minds on God.

Because it is based on biblical verses, the scriptural Rosary is for all Christians, not just Catholics. It is a gift of prayer that we can all use to share the love of God with our children.


The method of meditation used in the Mustard Seed Family Prayer Sets is rooted in ancient Christian and Jewish prayer. Used as a daily practice, mindful prayer has been confirmed by medical studies to help reduce pain, anxiety, blood pressure, indigestion, tobacco cravings, and more (source). These "spiritual exercises" are an important part of wellness for mind, body, and spirit.


Join the challenge by purchasing your full Mustard Seed Family Prayer Set. Full sets are printed in batches, so you must order by the March 31st deadline.

You can also purchase individual components with artwork from our current Lent/Easter 2021 set or the Advent 2020 set (Messianic Prophcies). Order by March 31st to receive free 1st class shipping:

Our artisans in Ashtabula County, Ohio have been praying for your family. Your purchase and prayer supports our small, home-based ministry to reach other families praying at home. 

Mustard Seed Training will create a new Family Prayer Set every three months in 2021.

With your support, we can shorten that timeline!

Pre-order additional Family Prayer Sets at a discounted price to help us fund our goals for the artwork and printing. When we reach 50 pre-orders, we can fund a batch for printing.