Scripture Bookmarks Level 1

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Prepare to proclaim the Good News to 3-6 year old children with this set of four hand-lettered scripture bookmarks created for use with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1. Great gifts for parent meetings or catechist formation as they are useful for anyone who enjoys listening to God's Word with children.

Per Catechesis of the Good Shepherd guidelines, bookmarks are color coded:

  • Purple: Messianic Prophecy
  • Blue: Parables of the Kingdom
  • White: Incarnation
  • Red: Paschal Mystery

Bulk pricing available upon request.

Each 2"x6" bookmark has the same reserve side:

"Created for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1

Handwritten font inspired by The Abbey Psalter used by the Trappist Monks of Genesee Abbey.

(c) 2018 Mustard Seed Training LLC"

These durable, rounded placeholders should last you for years of contemplation!

This set of bookmarks was created by catechist Meagen Howe during a silent retreat at Genesee Abbey in December 2018 after being inspired by the hand-lettered font used in the The Abbey Psalter. Bookmarks are printed by local Jefferson, Ohio business Great Lakes Printing on recycled Astrobrights cardstock. 

Desk with lamp, Bible, paper, and pensOpen Abbey PsalterValley at night