Finishing Your Bible & Parousia Box

Posted by Meagen Howe on

Have you ordered or built a Bible & Parousia Box for your CGS level III atrium? It should include: hinged box with two compartments, 4" wooden circle, and 4" wooden cross.
1. Create a prayerful work space, thanking God for this opportunity to be a co-creator in the Kingdom.
2. You can paint the world on the circle, or print this NASA image of the Earth. Source:
NASA Earth from space
3. Let paint dry overnight. Glue the circle and cross to the top of the box with wood glue. Example:
The last steps will reduce stains and splinters over time, but are not strictly necessary to use your materials.
4. Optional: Use fine grit sandpaper to get a very smooth surface. Example:
5. Optional: Seal your box with shellac.  How to shellac:
You can find directions to make the cards for this work in the CGS USA Materials Manual, available online to members in formation:
Enjoy using the Bible & Parousia Box to reflect on God's plan, since the beginning of time, to bring all of creation to the fullness of life. May we respond with joy!


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